An image of a queen sitting on a throne with a large sword in her hand. The text says: Murder at Rieneck Castle - The royal bloodline has never been this bloody.

Murder at Rieneck Castle

The royal bloodline has never been this bloody

An IMWe Murder Mystery Party

The Court of Drakarya, the queen of Imweania, is crackling with romantic affairs and royal fuckups. Her husband, the late King Mortis Vulturis, was found dead recently and the cause of his death unknown. Drakarya will now be crowned Queen Regent, until Alethia, her 17 year old daughter, comes of age. Drakarya wants to expand her power and conquer the neighboring kingdoms, and might even accept the proposal of Adunis of Fulda, in order to gain a grip on his kingdom, – although some might say that such romantic ventures would be improper, so soon after Mortis’ death. But one thing is certain; that the death of the king has stirred up a lot of dirt at Rieneck Castle, and the court and castle staff can be seen whispering around the castle. The coronation is coming up and who knows what will happen?

A Murder at Rieneck Castle – the royal bloodline has never been this bloody, is a murder mystery party, made by Inga from Iceland. Solving the mystery is a cooperative event, that will take approximately 2 hours and participants will be assigned roles before the event.

When? Thursday 1st of April, 20:00 Rieneck Time
Where? On a special Discord server. Link provided per email after registration.
Who? 20 people who are ready to dress up and get to the bottom of who dunnit!
Registration: Participants have to sign up before noon, Wednesday March 31st.